Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Essentials for Summer 2009, Part One.

From All of this and nothing.

#1. My 1960's Vespa 90. This will be the second bike i will finish rebuilding this summer and my absolute dream vehicle.
#2 Bjorn Borg Underwear. I never thought I would drop some serious cash on underwear but these fit me in all the right places and come in amazing colors!

3. Metronomy - England's self-professed "electro-garage" band. The trio make amazing electro-pop that's similar to DEVO.

4. Brixton Hats - Brixton makes great hats... Although my Castor straw hat is worn to shit, I cant wait to get a new one.

5. Gucci Rush - I'm not really into fragrances but when i did have a sense of smell this was the bomb, baby!

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rebecca said...

I want fancy Swedish underpants !