Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Bloody Valentine.

Earlier this week I went to see My Bloody Valentine at WAMU Theater in Sodo. I met up with everyone at Temple Billiards before hand for drinks. It was awesome to see a lot of people who I actually haven't seen or hung out with in several years. The show itself wasn't one of my favorite shows, but absolutely one of the loudest shows I have ever heard. Their songs are rather dated but I really enjoyed the 20 minutes of feedback during "You Made Me Realize." It was so loud that you felt like you were swimming in sound or according to Patrick "It's like starring into the sun with your ears!"

01 I Only Said
02 When You Sleep
03 You Never Should
04 (When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream
05 Cigarette in Your Bed
06 Come in Alone
07 Only Shallow
08 Thorn
09 Nothing Much to Lose
10 To Here Knows When
11 Slow
12 Soon
13 Feed Me With Your Kiss
14 You Made Me Realise

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