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The nerd in me...

This week I happened to watch the new trailer for Tron Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 film, Tron. I'm not one for movies with massive amounts of special effects, even though I did sit through both Transformers movies and Star Trek this year. There had been a leaked version of this for about a year now but you could barely make out what was going on. Now it's finally release in glorious High-Definition. Disney also announce that it was going to be released in 3-D!! How awesome is that? I had always been a fan of Tron since I was a kid. I thought the original movie was very innovative for it's time and it looks like its sequel will top that once again. Unfortunately Tron was one of the slowest Sci-fi movies of all time, and the test of any true girlfriend to sit through. Rumors of Daft Punk writing the musical score has been confirmed as well. I also found Daft Punk's "Tron" theme song. Enjoy.

also enjoy the new trailer for Tron Legacy!

Tron Legacy Teaser - Watch more free videos

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Whitter Blvd #5

whitter blvd

The flyers says it all!

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Recycle your clothes!!! I cannot express this enough! Darn your jeans, fix that ripped seam on your favorite sweater, and buy used. These are tough times for us all. 75% of my friends are out of work and on unemployment. I do love buying new and expensive clothing but there is nothing wrong with being creative with your current wardrobe. Also buy a sewing machine and start making clothes...

MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend - Heartbreaker (Video)

MSTRKRFT – Featuring John Legend from vincent haycock on Vimeo.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Music - The Horrors and The Dark Night of the Soul.

Sorry that I haven't posted anything in awhile... I just moved and do not have the internet anymore, also I have been enjoying this wonderful weather we have been having!!!!

I just recently listened to the new album by The Horrors called Primary Colors. It's a refreshing change to their usual "Birthday Party" influenced rock to a more psychedelic approach. There are a couple tracks that stand out but "Who can say" is one of the best tracks off the album. I love their Shirelle's breakdown in the middle of the song.

I illegally downloaded a copy of The Dark Night of the Soul. Which is a collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and David Lynch. Tons of people have supplied vocals to the project including Vic Chestnut, Frank Black, Iggy Pop, etc. Due to a dispute with their record label EMI, the album may never be released, however the book is available for sale on the official website for Dark Night of the Soul along with a blank recordable CDR. Dangermouse and crew have been encouraging everyone to steal the music online. A lot of my friends that I've made copies for seem to be into it. I think I need to give it another listen through... I am more into obtaining the book of photography by David Lynch.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

10 Essentials for Summer 2009, Part Two.

6. Mosley Tribe Sunglasses: Paladino - One day at work I was cleaning out the sunglasses case and these sunglasses were calling me... I love chunky sunglasses!!

7. Loretta's ( 8617 14th Ave S, South Park)- Absolutely one of my favorite bar to drive to and hangout in all day. The bar looks as if your grandparents saved and spent all their social security on the decor. Dark wood interiors with vintage lamps and clocks throughout. There is a Hi-Fi record player available if you are inclined to challenge the bartender's Ipod. They have a huge patio in the back with huge metal lawn chairs, a ping-pong table, and an Airstream with portable record players and a big screen TV inside.

8. Vans Slip-On - Why fight a classic shoe? I hate wearing sandals! These make a great substitution!

9. El Jimador Tequila - Smooth tasting tequila. When I was in Mexico City several years ago I learned how to shoot this tequila in 8 different ways with the same lime and salt. Don't ask me how to because I'll end up doing something stupid like empty an entire pitcher of beer on the floor and then get kicked out of a bar.

10. Nudie Jeans: Slim Jim Dry Black Coated. I have to work my magic with my friend's at Barney's, NY for a pair of these, but I want a pair so badly!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Essentials for Summer 2009, Part One.

From All of this and nothing.

#1. My 1960's Vespa 90. This will be the second bike i will finish rebuilding this summer and my absolute dream vehicle.
#2 Bjorn Borg Underwear. I never thought I would drop some serious cash on underwear but these fit me in all the right places and come in amazing colors!

3. Metronomy - England's self-professed "electro-garage" band. The trio make amazing electro-pop that's similar to DEVO.

4. Brixton Hats - Brixton makes great hats... Although my Castor straw hat is worn to shit, I cant wait to get a new one.

5. Gucci Rush - I'm not really into fragrances but when i did have a sense of smell this was the bomb, baby!

Burning Fight!

First of all, I am sorry about the massive Flickr posts on my blog. I have to go back and fix my preferences on my account. Anyways, Last weekend I flew out with two friends to Southern California for a bit of nostalgia. Several 90's hardcore bands from my childhood were getting back together for charity and the release of the book, Burning Fight. Burning Fight is an oral history of the 90's hardcore punk scene(Straight Edge and what not.) from several key perspectives of the folks involved. This of course was one of two reasons for my trip. The other being able to see my family and take some time off of from my busy schedule. I drove out to the show with my cousin, Mike, who I used to drag out to shows back in the day. The show itself was very interesting. It's been several years since I've disconnected myself from "The Hardcore Scene," a scene from which I've never felt 100% about from the beginning. I'm not going to "talk shit" about my differences with the scene. I believe that would be unfair to those who worked really hard on this book and event. I missed the opening band while i was talking with people outside. I believe it was Festival of Dead Deer. Several of my friends were really excited to see the next band: Threadbare. I think I might have seen them at the Velvet Elvis in Seattle, but I can't remember.
Technically they were pretty tight and from the looks I got from friends while they were swaying with a shit eating grin, I believe they enjoyed it. Next up was Portraits of Past. Which were more spastic and stylist then I remember. I missed the first half of their set because I was either getting food or buying another drink.
Portraits Of Past  2
I ran in and took some pics. I headed to the merch table afterward to purchase a P.o.P. shirt and a couple of badges for my friend Shannon in Boston. Next up was by far my favorite band of the night, Undertow. One of Seattle best hardcore bands. I'm not saying that because of a possible bias. They just brought their A-game that night. Check out the video!

Seattle peeps came out of the woodwork for this set. I haven't danced like that in ages! The next two bands were Swing Kids and Unbroken from San Diego. Swing Kids was a previous band of Justin Pierson from The Locust. From what i remember this band wasn't around for that long. Maybe a year? This was by far embarrassing to watch. Justin seemed to be singing in his "insect" voice from his newer bands All Leather and the before mentioned band. Of course they were missing their original guitar player who is now no longer with us. Sadly to say his lost was felt throughout these last performances which had an uneasiness felt throughout the night. How were there two band going to pull it off?? It was a very eerie. Unbroken of course was amazing. They played all the hits. I didn't go up front for their show. I think i was too tired from bring sun drenched and full of alcohol by the end of this night. A memorable night indeed. My favorite part was at Joe's BBQ while waiting for one of the set changes. Mike and I looked at the walls of the place and noticed several concert posters of all the shows we attended while we were teens. So surreal. I almost regretted moving to Seattle. After Unbroken, I participated in several crew pictures one being Seattle and the other the I.E. crew picture.
Positive Kids, 12 years later.
Pictured: Jill, Felicia, Chrisy, Josh, Marc, Zach, Jason, Brandon, Me, Bobby, and Kate.

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Plaid Party for Gene.

Plaid toga
I hate dressing up. Let me rephrase that! I hate dressing up for theme parties. Halloween is the exception. I just don't like dressing silly... until last night. Kindra's plaid party for Mikey was so much fun.
For Brandon.
Kindra rented a party bus for all of us to terrorize the greater Seattle area with drunken mischief. We stopped at Pies n Pints, Baskin Robbins in Greenlake, George and Dragon, Fred Meyer in Ballard, The Lusty Lady, and Smith... I had to leave early because I had to work my standard Saturday double shift at Kuhlman then the Rendezvous, but last i heard they ended up in a hot tub somewhere on Capitol Hill. Also needed to leave before they ripped apart my Toga.
In the ladies restroom at Smith.
But I out smarted them. Heheh!

My Bloody Valentine.

Earlier this week I went to see My Bloody Valentine at WAMU Theater in Sodo. I met up with everyone at Temple Billiards before hand for drinks. It was awesome to see a lot of people who I actually haven't seen or hung out with in several years. The show itself wasn't one of my favorite shows, but absolutely one of the loudest shows I have ever heard. Their songs are rather dated but I really enjoyed the 20 minutes of feedback during "You Made Me Realize." It was so loud that you felt like you were swimming in sound or according to Patrick "It's like starring into the sun with your ears!"

01 I Only Said
02 When You Sleep
03 You Never Should
04 (When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream
05 Cigarette in Your Bed
06 Come in Alone
07 Only Shallow
08 Thorn
09 Nothing Much to Lose
10 To Here Knows When
11 Slow
12 Soon
13 Feed Me With Your Kiss
14 You Made Me Realise

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Works For Me by The Twelves

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Blackbird Blog: TROVATA v. FOREVER 21

Blackbird Blog: TROVATA v. FOREVER 21

Fashion: Helmut Lang.

My first expensive jeans I ever purchased were Helmut Lang jeans back in 98'. I fell out of love with the label mainly because my favorite Men's store in Seattle: Fast Forward went out of business the following year and then I kinda fell out of the loop with the label. Lately, I've been doing my research and found a couple of interesting pieces that caught my eye from their Fall 09' collection. I love the skinny leg jeans that bunch up right after the knee, I'm not feeling the boots on the model, but over all, layers, layers, layers are going to be key. Disagree, Agree?

Nothing really of interest happened this weekend...

unless you account for the motorboat I gave Courtney for her birthday, the fact that i found out a girl that I went on several dates with in the 90's was in fact an escort and appeared in a local pornographic video. Note to self, never play five degrees of separation with older bartenders because they know more people then you. I know something else happened but It's way too early to remember the last couple of days.

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Music: Department of Eagles.

One of the things I love about working at Kuhlman is the fact that I get to work with Scott Kuhlman who has amazing taste in Music. Here is a band he's gotten me into called Department of Eagles from NYC which features a member of Grizzy Bear. Enjoy it's lush melodies and perpetual melancholy.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion: Gucci

Here are pictures from Gucci's new Fall fashion show. Very New Wave/ Mod inspired pieces. These were my favorites.

Music: The Faces.

Last night while I was at Stephanie's house and I saw a vinyl copy of The Faces: Changes in their hallway. I guess it belongs to there landlord upstairs. I totally wanted to steal it, but funny enough I've been trying to download their best of for the last couple of days. For those of you would don't know who The Faces are? They consist of members of the 60's mod band The Small Faces. When their singer left to form Humble Pie, he was then replaced by Rod Stewart and the name was shorten. Great rock n' roll folks!

Stephanie and Kelly's new pad.

img_0827, originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

When I first moved to Seattle I lived in the dumpiest apartment on Capital Hill. Then 12 years later, Steph and Kelly move here from Tacoma and find the cutiest apartment, it's just not fair! Their place is so fucking glamorous! I'm about a month and a half away from finding a new place and I hope it's going to be as rad as the theirs!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashion: Rag and Bone.

Rag and Bone.

Simple, black suit. The length of the jacket is perfect. I'm a big fan of 60's Mod suits and this would suit me well.

Music: Soulwax.

<a href="">Radio Soulwax - Miserable Girl (live)</a>
Check out their album Any Minute now or Nite versions. Good Stuff.

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Oh Richard's!

img_0820, originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

When someone purchases your favorite order of food and personally delivers it to your work. You have no reason to be absolutely smitten with said person. <3

I'm putting the computer down today.

I haven't been reading as mush as I should be. I'm going to attempt to finish this amazing book I started on a month ago.

The Presets!!! Tomorrow night!!

Colby is opening up for The Presets tomorrow night at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont. I think you all should go. The Presets are on tour from New Zealand and are an amazing Electro group! Go!

the vous

the vous
the vous, originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

I received a call from Tia who is one of the owners of The Rendezvous, last night. They want to offer me a position as a bartender for their service bar on Saturday nights. I'm not sure if I want to take it or not. I love working there under the table, but actually being an employee kinda scares me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Family.

Cheesn' it up, originally uploaded by ::: a i m e e :::.

I miss them so. Thanks to everyone's busy schedule we had to skip Sunday dinner last weekend. We need to make up for this!!


Kelsie, originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

After work I went over to Aimee's house to finish off the beers that we bought two weekends ago. Low and behold Brandon was there and we went to town on said beers. Aimee stayed in because she was too hungover to come out. Brandon and I left and went to the new Twlight Exit proceeded to drink even more including a mini bottle of Tequila that Aimee bought me from Mexico. But my night didn't end there, nooooo, why would it? To the CHA CHA!!! Where I run into Pizza Girl (Kelsie). The only thing awesome about my night was the text battle of wit with Ms. Rebecca. :)

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Sunglasses for summer..., originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

I was cleaning out the sunglasses case at work last weekend and I stumbled on these sunglasses. I really want them, but alas, I cannot afford them. Dear Jesus, I know we haven't spoken in some time, but can you grant me a little extra luck in the money department??

Real villains.

Real villains., originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

The after party for Villains was a blast as well. Here, Eric from Villains shows me just how Californian he really is.


Villains!, originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

What an amazing show. Sole Repair seems to be the perfect spot for us. I wish we could have filled the place, but the important thing is everyone had a blast.