Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Kelsie, originally uploaded by Paco Gordo.

After work I went over to Aimee's house to finish off the beers that we bought two weekends ago. Low and behold Brandon was there and we went to town on said beers. Aimee stayed in because she was too hungover to come out. Brandon and I left and went to the new Twlight Exit proceeded to drink even more including a mini bottle of Tequila that Aimee bought me from Mexico. But my night didn't end there, nooooo, why would it? To the CHA CHA!!! Where I run into Pizza Girl (Kelsie). The only thing awesome about my night was the text battle of wit with Ms. Rebecca. :)


aimee said...

Oh no Pizza girl.

rebecca said...

Oh no Ms. Rebecca.